What Is The Literal Meaning Of The Word Day In Genesis 1 And 2?

Which brings us to the second point, Dr. Laser and all the folks say, okay, if the science tells us that now we got to get to the next part after God created. And that is what is the meaning the literal meaning of the word day in Genesis 1 and 2 because they're, saying, hey, we know the word day means I mean, that's 24 hours so who's talking here, 13.7 billion. Can we reconcile these two, and we're talking about a literal interpretation of the Bible?

Okay? Can we do that? You know, I'd like what Hugh has said.

But it's also wonderful that God put the cookies on the bottom shelf - and for everyone so that they could say, well, that must be in the beginning of what you're talking about. And it was by the way to some of the Bible's we'll translate it. When God began to create the heavens, the earth ear. So without form employee, then God said, verse 3, they put it in a when then construction because in the Babylonian stories that supposed to be a Nguyen's and construction. But actually you can't do that with the. Hebrew grammar here, that's a no-no, because it does not have a preposition in front of it.

It really is that is a prepositional phrase of the sort that is wanted here for a win. Then kind of construction that does occur say, like in Hosea, chapter 1, verses 1 and 2, that's exactly what they want there's, a dozen places in the Bible. But not this place. This one is very clear, and it is an absolute beginning and that's. Why when we come to look at the rest of the text, even like the word day, we've got to pay.

Attention to the uses of the word in the text we can't put our definition on it literal in the Bible is what the Bible means the person who stood in the counsel of God and heard God speak. So he has first rights to speak. Then we can come along and we're day.

There is used in three different ways' day is daylight as opposed to my times like 12 hours at first five for daytime. Day is 24 hours at first 14 God, put the greater light and the lesser light. He didn't say, Sun and Moon. He didn't want them in.

The worship that greater light and lesser light for days and for seasons and years, that's 24 hours. And then in 2/4, he summarized this whole thing in the day that the Lord God created the heaven and the earth that's like in the day of Abraham Lincoln in the day of the phonograph and the day of whatever. So the ought to be warmed.

The text itself uses word in three different ways and one more John. And that is in Assam written by Moses Psalm, 90 same writers that wrote this material. He says that day.

With the Lord is such a thousand years now, I've got to pay attention to that. Because when the same writer uses the word with that amount of what Summat call elasticity, then I better, pay attention to his meaning because that's what the literal meaning is the one who stood in the counsel of God and heard the word from on high.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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