Stoeger Cougar 8040 Review

Hey, guys, haven't seen our reviews again. We initially have done a stoker, cougar, 80/40 review. And when we're en de did it after we got a don't having somebody making us a custom song after me and Ryan, viewed it. It looks like crap.

So what we've decided to do is do it a retake video of the stoner come to review. This is the stoner cougar 80 40, 40 Cal. This gun ended up costing me about three hundred and seventy bucks and I need a purchasing it from sport, Co and fight for Washington I give.

This is a.40 Cal I've got the Beretta wood grips on there. And if you can see if it's got the little brother medallion, the little peewee on the back end up getting those off eBay for like 30 bucks or something like that. So they're pretty cheap. They do feel nice and ends up coming with this. These plastic kind of rubbery feeling grips they're, okay and there's. Nothing wrong with them, they're, fine for the gun.

If you want to know history about it, go watch a different video. I'm, not going to go delve into the. Ridiculous history just let, you know that stoner is an affiliate of Beretta and Bradley used to make these now Stronger does this is basically if you really want to get technical, this is breast.

This is basically an all alloy px4, storm that's. Basically, what this gun is, if you compare it to the px4 as far as it's got the rotating barrel as you can see the barrel rotate a little it's got to be copper. So when you charge, the weapon push down on the decoder, and it kicks it off.

It's also safety, pull. The trigger here it deactivates, the trigger it is a double action. Single action will check it just to make sure for all you freaking whiners out there as far as safety goes as far as single action. It's kind of really nice little trigger. Pull traitors really crisp does have a double-action pull and I would say, that's, probably 9 or 10 pounds, pull it's, actually pretty smooth compared to like this table, easy 9 that thing's like a 13 or 14 pound pool. And so it's its quite difficult. Pull I will tell.

You that the stoker 8000 in the Stover 80/40, when you look at the slides, they are not the same gun. The slide on the Snowbird cougar, eight thousand nine millimeter is a little thinner in certain areas. It's got a little bit different divot in the back where the hammer sits. But that is all as far as difference goes. We sent you the 9-millimeter round, I've actually taken the base of this one and swapped it with the base of the nine-millimeter and just trying to mess around and see.

And see what I can do with it. They all seem to go together. So, but this is a Beretta quality weapon as far as take down those you to have a little take-down button right here.

And on this side, you've got a little takedown lever. You push the button in drop. The lever gun comes apart. It's extremely simple. Same way for the stoner cougar 8000 I'm. Assuming the same way for the Stronger cougar, 8045, I don't have the 80 45, and I'm almost tempted to go and buy that gun before everybody realizes how.

Good these are and the prices skyrocket. But anyway, this is video. This is the little spring guy that the spring actually goes into. And this guide right here actually sits on top of the barrel as the barrel rotates I, don't know if you can see that they say, keep it really well, greased I've got some grease on there. It's got a steel guide rod on there, the barrel to top it out see a really nice fine finish as far as the little feed ramp on the barrel goes.

This is where that little spring guide. It goes into for the turning barrel anniversary to that barrel rotates as the weapon is shot in the reek lock so let's go, put it back together just drop it in there. You twist the barrel just a tad. This thing is just as easy to put together as let's say, like a ruder p95 or bread. And ninety sit I mean, you know, 96 or 92 that just snaps right down inside it actually holds it in there enough that you can flip it upside down. And then just goes back on the tails, push your back a little flip that. Takedown lever up, and it's, locked in guns.

Ready to go. There is a little more recoil to 40 as I'm sure you all know, this is actually supposed to help reduce that recall that that rotating barrel and being able to get back on target sooner I have noticed, especially when you're rapid fire. The recoil does it do kick a lot more than the nine, but it's, nothing like it's unmanageable this to me kicks just like a zest of an easy, 9 9 millimeters. It takes very similar to the Ruler p94. This is a 40 Cal. So what I find this gun again, hell, yes, I would that's. Why?

I own two of them, the 80 40, and then I have the 8000. This one is the one that has the scratch on it that I'm going to be getting dirt coated haven't done yet because I'm actually trying to figure out how to he lit ship this thing without having to pay. Ninety dollars overnight, and I know, you can just ship the slide and to be honest, I've been too lazy to get down to the post office. It does have tried to con night sights. They do.

Not come standard on the weapon. You have to buy these separately. And this is the green in front yellow in the rear. But this is a great gun.

I, absolutely love. These toners had I known about them. When I very first started getting into pistols I would have owned one five years ago. Ten years ago, I absolutely love these guns. The stoker cougar 8000 like I said, I just went out this year and purchased the 8000 and of I like the 40 so much. But unfortunately, in our area, the 40 for the price of ammo.

Is six or seven dollars more than a box of nine millimeters a mo. So the nine millimeter I also really enjoyed. You got to understand that these are point of impact guns. So when you main this target has to be sitting where you want that bullet to go if you're looking for accuracy like block, or you're, looking for I, would maybe compare it to like the Ruler p94 it's, not quite the same. So, or even the disaster that you kind of this is point of impact. This is not point of aim.

So a point of aim is where. You have the sight and your bullets actually going to hit right above the sight. And then point of impact is where basically the barrel is that's that's, where the bullet is going to hit where the barrels pointed. You put the sight where you want. So other than that.

This is the stoner cougar, 80/40 review. Let me know if you got any questions at all, and I'll, try to answer them to the best of my ability. This is Chad from seeing our reviews. Thanks and have a great day. You.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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