Rossi 12Gauge Turkey/Slug Gun (Lil Overview)

Yeah, yeah, hi. This is Rossi single shot, a 12-gauge it's, a turkey gun it's got the rifle sights for shooting turkey load shooting slugs. And then it comes with scope roll on it. So you can mount scope. This is just a regular. If you recognize this, some of you guys, that's, yeah, that's the regular old, scope.

You get whenever you buy the scope kits for an SKS, and it works out. Pretty good it's. A good break away. Right? There got your safety right? There. Pre, , the hammer.

So you can't, they can't. Go and exhale single shot, it's raw, see it's, not too bad. Yeah. The scope sits up a little far on this thing, but I mean with this, it still works out its still, pretty accurate I mean, I'm sitting there with slugs going 75 to 100 yards out with it. Yeah, that ain't too bad, they're priced, right there by the're, um for by a buck. Fifty, yeah, when you get these things, new necks, I've, never taken them out.

It's got the doesn't choke oak. It comes with it's got the hammer extension. I just I've.

Never put. It on that use it on that, I mean, that it is, nothing to it. You just stick it on there, tighten up screws, and you got your trigger hammer extension. And then something else at Rossi he's been doing what's there tourists now tourists bought out Rossi. They did a while back, so I wouldn't be surprised if he starts seeing the Rossi name phased out slowly. Alright, you started seeing the rifles instead of just saying, Rossi Sanatorium, then, again, you never know, it's a Brazilian company. They still make I mean.

They still good firearm somewhere that's, no doubt about, but um now, these it comes with a key right here, and it's got this one gold nut that you can sit there, and you tighten it. Oh, you you you twist it, you can't, , the hammer back. And the only way you can do that nut is with that key. Then you just twist it back down, and you , the hammer back, let me see if he can see this. Yeah.

So you just twist it up, I, can't, . The hammer go back in okay. So it's like a built-in uh, two built in gun. Lock is what it is for nice, I mean, it's 12-gauge slugs. So yeah, it's going to kick Rossi single shot, breakaway, 12-gauge and the scope mount that I do have these are weaver scopes, I mean, it's, nothing like I said, nothing high-dollar laser weaver, they're the race.

So you can still use your iron sights. If you want to there, you go Bohemian hunting club. This is a Rossi 12-gauge, single-shot, Turkey, good.

Dated : 21-Mar-2022

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