Prairie Fire: Red Bull Flugtag Chicago (Will-Tv)

When you see behind us is a 25-foot ramp. It leads off into Lake, Michigan, it's, part of Red, Bull Flag. And what happens is people build traps, man-made all man-made out of their own imagination. They build a craft along with a whole skin around it. So it's the entire scene, you have The Wizard of Oz theme. You know about applying Dickey's. You have the Blackhawks.

Furthermore, you have the Detroit Red Wings. Furthermore, you have all kinds of teams that have built a themed craft along with a entire team of people. And what they do.Does they push it off of the ramp into Lake Michigan to see how far they can go? There are 28 teams, 11 or 12 that are from Chicago. The rest are from all around the United States. There are two or three teams that were also here in 2003 that are back for more Greg. O's red, hot flier is back this year with Drag's red, hot flier, two nerve-racking, scary, nervousness, I'm afraid of heights and being up there and just going off I mean, there's like nothing like it, I thought, I was like a once-in-a-lifetime.

Experience the name of our team is Michigan's, a frog leap and how we came up with the idea was Lake Michigan is where is his site and also there's never been an amphibian in the Red Bull Flag, the glider part doubles as a lily pad. The frog in the lily pad, go off the ramp together into the lake, hopefully soaring over the lake to new heights, what you're likely to see today is a lot of people who think they are going to fly a long way, go right into the lake, but they're going to have a lot of fun. Doing we've been very supported with the true Killing spirit? And the blog had been worried I think - I think juice, Williams have been very proud about the distance that we're going to get on this rock slick tearing through the frog. It has no wings.

Sure Rock don't normally fly. Oh, the sound effects. A beautiful diamond. Yeah, there was this rush to cold air. And they just kind of came down, and I realized when I landed that jeez I was like halfway standing up still, so I was like animals, a lily pad. And. Floated so I was like, oh my gosh, the sleek float, and I was so happy that we went off the water in there.

You talk means flying J in German. Red Bull Flag means man-made human powered flying machines. It started in Austria.

The founder of Red Bull Dietrich Mateschitz was a very passionate pilot loves flying love. He has an airplane collection. The first Red Bull Flag was actually in 1991. And it was created for because of Dietrich's love for aviation, approximately three a year different cities. Around the country, oh, we love the Red Bull competition for a while we got in this year. So we decide to go ahead and do it Lord, God and we're ready to fly our man.

The reason we pick corners, you see the symbol of our state. We see it every time we go for a drive any time we go through the stadium. Anybody comes to visit now let's. Talk about all the cornfields. So we decide, you know, why not why not embrace it we're going 65 there are engineers, there's, architects, there are designers that are on. Some of these things are pilots that are on a few of these teams, the flying Dickey's I'm, looking to go a long way, Longways. They have a special secret weapon, and they're going to buy our song is sexy back what could be more appropriate and obvious and sexy that coach Mike give me five judges today.

What their criteria is based on showmanship creativity and flight distance, but a red wall to talk it'll, give you information about how to apply we open up applications earlier in the. Year and there we received almost 200 applications, we went through them, and it's, really based on creativity and uniqueness of beans, steam, heavy metal sand in the evil. Elves I'm going to be piloting Wei bells right beside us or Wei this year, very special Wei.

If you didn't, notice, the doc points to the north we're, not even going to land in the water we're going to fly back to the North Pole make some more toys. The team name is I need gas. And we are here to fight the gas prices because are skyrocketing so. We want to fly with them that's, why we have the aircraft up top and our giant gas tank when he goes to climb up to a climb all the way up let's slide up on top great, yeah, we are the new style, flyers from Carbondale, Illinois, Southern, Illinois, University, three of the guys are a VA skin.

Two are actually pilots, one's a mechanic. So we're really into flying in aviation. We really wanted to put something together that's going to fly.

We didn't want to just build something that's just going to crash. And we put. Our time into it to make it work. We use a wind tunnel on our wing design and tested after our lift, and it's built to fly.

We decided to do a beer can also because I'm in here college students, we have a good time teams are from all over the Midwest and all over the United States. And we've got two teams that are from Champaign Urbana. One team from southern Illinois.

We've got Indiana Ohio Michigan. And we even have one from Canada we're all friends from high school. Most of us go to the University of. Illinois at urbana-champaign operation is Mario karts. Here we have the star the mushroom.

The lightning bolt the shell, the banana the tires for the actual Kart, which is just inner tube. We papier-mch the inner tubes together. You want to come home you over here to the glider. This PVC pipe, there's, a little there's, a little part in the front of the car that it rests on, so it's going to detach and the band rest on those two PVC pipes on the back apart. Hopefully if I can actually see you above in here, I'm supposed to be doing I.

Think Chicago is pitiful in flight, but we have the most fun because the teams that are here today are all about the skit they're all about the outfits they're all about having fun world record position is 195 feet. And that was set in Austria. The US record is 155 feet.

And that was set in Nashville and I, really hope a team today beats it's of the record stays here in Chicago. This whole thing is just to have fun and see how silly you can make yourself Led it's, a. Competition, but people are here to win they're here to have fun and I think all in all it's a great day and a great event, I think that's, one of the biggest natural brushes I've ever had in my life. It was fantastic.

It was scary at the same time. I think like I think God I want to do this again, it's addictive. But seriously, it was a lot of fun.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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