Painting My Old Diy Squishies (Pt. 2)

Hey, it's me. So today's video is a part two. If you weren't here last week, shame shame on you okay, I'm, sorry, maybe you just couldn't make it last week and that's. Okay, just don't do that again, we're going to make it right by going right now and watching part one, because if you don't watch part, one part, two isn't going to be as good and then come back here and join the rest of us. The link to that is, of course, going to be in the description for you today. I am going to be finishing up my batch of. Very old DIY squishes that I started last week.

I am actually filming this intro before I'm able to post part one. So I have no idea whether you guys enjoy part one or what your feedback was, or if you were mad at me for breaking it up into two parts, I don't know, I'm in the dark, and I'm afraid of the dark. But hopefully it was all good. And you guys enjoyed part one. And nobody was mad at me. Let's, keep a good thing going and let's jump into part two because you all have waited long enough. Let's.

Do it. Okay, so starting with this heart thing, this one is rough. The skin is just quite loose and wrinkly on the bright side. The squish on this. One is amazing, what I'm just kidding. It sucks.

Now this one is very plain. So I'm going to try to spice things up a little by adding this. This little dollop thing that I found look won't that be cute. Oh, we've got another case of loose skin.

See that see how it's all? Yeah, so I'm just going to peel that away, which was kind of fun, not going to lie. Then I just need to cut. Off the bottom poof here and there. Now it fits on there nicely kind of it's, actually a little too big that's, not ideal, but oh, well, I'm going for it gluing that on let's get strapped in here. There we go. And an hour later glue is dry.

And I've got a brand new squishy into the repair process. We go. There were quite a few spots of exposed squishy flesh since I skinned it. So I'm patching all of that up and using the paint to seal on the dollop all around the bottom also on the heart there's that gap to. Deal with, so I'm, filling that up with paint, oh, whoa, color, change. Wow.

Look out. Squishy painting. It just gets wild.

You know, it really gets wild. You never know when the paint color is just gonna change just ignore me. Now that that's all dry. We can get to the decorating here comes the paint we're going to go with pink. I made this using a generic heart mold. So we got to use some imagination to actually turn it from a generic heart shape into something. And since I've been on the baked goods train I'm.

Gonna make this into a heart cake thing it's like a mini cake like a personal cake, you know, like personal pizza, but personal cake. Nothing about it strongly resembles cake. It might have been helpful to use a more typical cake color like chocolate or vanilla. So that it would be more recognizable as cake.

But I've just thrown caution to the wind and painted it a very vibrant pink. And here I'm going to go for white on the whipped cream. It's whipped cream, it's white. Then I got bored.

And I remembered last. Week seeing that one cupcake with a rainbow whipped cream that I really liked. And so I decided to bring in the rainbow colors, oh, how they framed the squishy perfectly? I got the chills here. We go I'm using the same colors of paint that I used in last week's squishes, because I have decided that officially, I am creating a coordinated set. I do gravitate towards sets and groups of things that go together.

I kept seeing them all together and all the matching and coordinating and uh, I just they're. Gonna look so great, I can't resist next time. If I do this again, I promise I'll do all completely different designs.

But this time I'm going to follow my heart as you can see the rainbow whipped cream is going splendidly. I love it. I'd say, it's, an improvement from this scraggly little boy.

Next the frosting I decided to do a nice thick layer of drippy, white frosting on top. Now last week I showed you quite a few of my very old squishes that I've made. But I actually don't still have all the squishes. That I've ever made and that's, because I actually sold quite a few of them back in the day. And there hasn't been a day that's gone by I'm sorry that I haven't thought of them.

Okay, just kidding, kind of. I actually do regret selling them. I want them back. Furthermore, I literally sold my hand made pieces of my soul for 12 dollars a piece, and they would sell so fast because that is honestly, ridiculously cheap considering that they are handmade.

But of course, there were a few people saying that the prices were too. High at 12 and that scared me. But also I just wanted some way to make a little of extra money. So you know, you got to do what you got to do. But now I want them back once the first coat of that was dry.

I'd noticed quite a few little bubbles. So I went over the whole thing again and boom, that's done now it's, looking a little plain. It needs some love. And what better form of love is there than sprinkles. I could have done polymer clay sprinkles. But I wanted the color of the sprinkles to match. Perfectly with the colors of the whipped cream, which probably matters to nobody besides me and there we have it the, oh that whipped cream hanging over.

This is not your good side. Sweetie. We have the heart personal cake with a rainbow whipped cream thing. This one is cute. I do wish that the whipped cream were a little smaller and daintier it's, looking very large. But I still like it also just a quick reminder that the Shelly and estate's pre-order is still currently open. These plushies are.

Available for a limited time, only so don't forget to place your order if you want one or both of them go to the link in the description for all the information I did take the time to dig through my old squishy collection to see if I had made any squishes with the same shape. I actually only have two. But I guess I didn't fill the molds up as much for these because they're a lot thinner, I ended up making these into sugar cookies. And I kind of like the old ones better. Oh, no to be fair. There's, two. Against one and we can't forget that this is actually just a part of a bigger set of squishes.

So let's, not be too quick to judge it. Now, I'm going to move on to the next squishy, which is this weird, little grub it's, a cake roll, or at least that's, what it's going to be the bottom is very rough, but it's, otherwise it's unremarkable. So I must bring in something that is remarkable it's swirly and stuff. This popsicle squishy, which has a flaky growth on it. I want to get that checked out let's do that right.

Now shall we cut off the flaky growth? Okay, there we go, and then I'm just going to trim this up round out the edges, a little. So it looks nice and smooth. I thought this might look cool as some sort of topping like the cream, whipped frosting, yes, cream. Whipped frosting. I don't know.

So now for the ceiling, not that kind of ceiling, a seal, no, not that. Okay, never mind. We've seen this process at this point just going all around the seam, and I also covered the entire bottom. And here we go. Bottom is still not looking great. I probably should have taken the time to trim this up a little before I slathered it in paint.

Oh well, moving on to the painting I'm doing another pleasant vanilla cake colored dessert. Now the thing about creating a coordinated set of squishes is they need to be coordinated, I know shocking. So even though I'm showing you one process at a time in reality, I was juggling all the different designs in my mind, making sure that everything is balanced. And in harmony. We have the rainbow colors on this one, the rainbow gummies, then there's chocolate and chocolate.

I need to balance that out somehow too much fudge. Yeah. I was driving myself a little crazy over all of this. Next I'm going to paint the cream twirl. I should just say it with confidence. And maybe people will think it's an actual thing. Yeah, the cream twirl, you know, those everyone knows about them.

I've painted that white, and then I'm going to go and freehand, whoa, we're, free a little cream swirl. So that it. Looks like this cake has been rolled, although I kind of wish I had sketched it first because they do not look the same, but not just okay, then I'm, adding some of that chocolate drippy fudge in there as I did on the first cupcake, because the key to coordination is repetition, you have to find a balance between variety and repetition to create cohesion and isn't that fudge. Just the prettiest thing you've ever seen except me, of course. Now for the rainbow element, I'm, not going to go too crazy with this.Once I'm going to go a little more subtle, so I'm just going to paint on some nice, simple rainbow. Circle, sprinkles.

These are the type of sprinkles that are very cute, but also they will murder your teeth. So don't, chomp them. Ugh.

Just the sight of them gives me molar pain, but also joy because they're cute. Here is the final squishy. I really like if it's kind of like dainty and just pleasant it's, just crisp and sweet and nice. This one was not a super common one for me to paint, apparently, because I only had. Two of them in my old collection, but I feel like I remember painting more of these. I must have sold them. Oh, this strawberry one is very old and crusty looking and feeling.

I wish you could feel it then there's this one with a holy bottom. Doesn't. Everyone have a holy bottom. I really should have patched that up. I know, interesting, I actually painted these in different directions, which way is right this. One is also double the height of the new one that I made moving on to the final squishy of the. Series this little heart donut thing, why do I never know what anything is?

I wish I knew what something was just something anything this one has a few little rough spots. But I think we can deal with that jumping right in to start the patching process, it's time for healing, my friend, and you're going to feel so much better after this. I promise, oh, and I just realized this is the only squishy in the entire set that I didn't combine with another squishy. I guess there was really nothing that I could have. Added to this one, I mean, I could, but it would probably look stupid. I, for one, am incapable of looking stupid. So the paint job.

I have to bring back the copula. Sorry. It was dumb the first time I said it. And now here I am saying it again, but we have one copula cupcake. And we need at least one more chocolate dessert. So I'm painting, most of the donut, a Churchill that's.

The last time, I'll say it, I promise. Thank you excluding the little corner because on there I'm going to give this a little dip action. Make it look as if it's been dipped in pink frosting.

Now, bringing out these old squishes again, really brought back some past feelings. I keep mentioning the squishes that I sold. You may have noticed they've been on my mind a lot during this process, and I do miss them to anyone out there who has them take your twelve dollars back. And just give me my babies. This is their home.

I just wanted you to know about them because they're important to me, let's call them the lost ones since they've been on. My mind, I decided to go back and look at exactly which ones are in this group of lost ones. And I found all the original listings for them. Oh, my, gosh, wait, I sold a backpack the heck, oh, my gosh, look at this. And this there are six pages of my lost ones.

And what is this fruit with a rainbow bite? But that's? So cool, apparently, I wasn't a fan of white frosting with sprinkles at the time, because that seems to be one that I keep getting rid of this. This was the first squishy that I ever made.

I forgot. About that and I sold it, why I probably sold it for like five dollars because it's kind of ugly, but it was so special. I also ended up finding all these private videos that I made for squishy sales.

I would just make a video showing all the squishes that I have for sale. And then I would private the video as soon as all of them sold out I'll, put the links to those below in case you want to watch them, um fair, warning they're, not interesting. And this one is pretty squishy they're kind of boring.

So yeah, anyway, I do have regrets over selling these clearly I don't know, I need closure. Okay, I require some way to celebrate their life. Maybe I recreate all of them again, don't do that.

Possibly I make a mural, no, no. Okay. Sorry. We're. Ignoring this poor, little, fellow, sorry, bud, it's about you again. I added some little drizzle onto it.

And then for the final touch, I added some rainbow sprinkles onto the frosted corner, although it couldn't really be a full rainbow of sprinkles, because the pink frosting is. The background, so I can't really paint pink sprinkles on pink background here. It is this one might be the simplest of them all since I didn't, even add anything extra to it, but even though it's a little simple, I think it's still so cute. And this one is definitely kind of tasty looking. I'd certainly bite that the only other one of these that I still have in my possession is this little beauty. And the two of them are actually kind of similar, which is weird, because I didn't look at this before. Painting the new one, so that was just by chance so taking the donut and cupcake from last week and adding the three that I painted this week to complete my entire bakery, cutie set.

I don't know, I just made it up doesn't. They just look great together. I mean, they look fantastic. I'm really happy with this set. Furthermore, I do love each of them individually, but I think they look even better all together. Also, this whole thing just felt so productive and nice, because I finally made use of some of the old stuff that. I have lying around that has just been ignored for years and not just the five squishes, but also all the little bits and toppings that I added as well.

So I really did paint quite a few squishes. I hope you guys are satisfied with the results and had fun bringing back this blast from the past with me. Thank you so much for watching and I'll. See you next week? Bye, you.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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