Mythic : Eonar Kill /// Antorus, The Burning Throne /// By Pug Central

Yes forces of the legions seek to capture my essence for their infernal master. So now you're getting used to this part your thumb to make sure you know, top only the bad dude is going to stay behind to be referred. Dogs kill the big one, the top or button for you, I'm, not listed as one of the bad people, but can I assume that I'm one of them. No jumped up with me, you're. My , wait mi Herman. You look what a , I want to be your .

You shouldn't go first I got the first Thanks, always. Have the first one in this day, Ollie common century, purifier first, valuable, small notches feel like a broken record. Our world is that small ones, but no on that purifier, one Rock who left without killing the last fellow cone. Bottom, destructor I've got the first week, you're, leaving a tank to kill a , Phil, come on I, click. Second, okay. My government don't go clear near to purify MIT I, got it.

Now next finally, 25 seconds now bats are spawning and not feel secure all the rest. Fortunately, with the. Big one first Rachel on page, four and why the are you? Alright? I pop on my a we but I don't get that go anyway, just letting your taking the yellow on our silly. Alright? Alright.

happens. Focus up. What is it I? Think you took the yellow. One, no I.

Didn't. Take the yellow. One purifies bond, good a fire. First, then the small ones too. Many people ITS in this more ones that's are spawning the rest of you office cater in the middle.

The next final boom, 25. Second, watch your step obfuscation. Responding bad Groupon that's. All of you remember obfuscation in middle one final point group final, I, click next and put the top, but the skirt has gone in 15 seconds, big group, obfuscation and the purifier. Then the big ad. We don't have a heater top come on bottom group, clean up middle, you know, it's, basically at the other question, big gap, next finale in 25 seconds. Alright who design future?

Laura, yeah. You're bombing. Res should have raised rich short, yes, mom just passed your final do my guys this. Purifier, right here, that's we're dealing that pop kill pop both engagements. No good come to the start bottom group. Come to the start again, Robin, pure state, I want Arabist. No I got first kicked bottom.

Middle I, don't, see a heater middle I'm, deaf. Okay. What you got over here, purifies everything on the purifier, not DD strong, even marked it with a weenie TPS on top. We are only quantity P Esther. They collect a little titular actually spoke top button group. Go P&R. Everything you got since you got.

Portions used enough who has next instrumented of destruction, Oh, boom, that boot could never discover still alive. Come on guys because to purify was going to test one night. One DPS, tougher killed a few skaters on top of here. Now, kill them which kill the boss easy spread out. This little rebuff come on boys got portions. If you got any cool wrong use it now is nine edges.

Congratulations I'm glad so create a waiver once that's, no for sake.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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