Mw2 - Karachi Team Deathmatch (22-5) Live Commentary #121 - Eat My Rpg! [2021]

Hey, guys, what's up. It is sniffling limo Karachi, TDM. My version of g. Fuel is max, uh, no, not Maxwell house, coffee caf, bushel team, deathwatch going to use some hard line and sit rip show, no mercy. I think that would do us. Nice nicely I'm using a chopper gunner.

Because I don't really think there are any stingers in this hobby, which is always good to not see stingers. Oh, I'm. Stuck is he up there? I don't know tango sucker, tactical, hitter. Oh, god get out. Oh, can I escape? Yes, nice.

That's. How you do it. Folks what oh my god get me out, where are they tangoing sucker? Oh my goodness, oh, you heard that can we get an UAV or something that'd be pretty cool? Painkiller poor guy, where is he? Oh, my god, listen, oh man.

I knew I heard somebody still over there he's about to not be buzzkill m1014. Blame it. Interesting just gotta fight hard here found some more ammo. What is it like foregrip and FMJ that just seems like a waste to me? You know, go away.

UAB, oh, that's. A century gun, whoa, climbing up that ladder. Huh? There's.

A wall bang for you, oh my god, where are these fools? I wish I had a symptom. Good careful, whoa. Yeah. I'm out I'm out of there. Folks we have taken the lead you're right about that inspector red dot, RPG nice. Come on over.

I dare you guys what? Okay. I need this. Oh my god, harrier. Oh, pleasant.

Come on harrier. Protect me let's. Go.

Oh, pleasant. I'm out. I'm told out, go harrier. Come on harrier. You can do it buddy. Come on harrier. There you go.

I like it comes on keep going keep it up one more right something like that. Don't be so confused harrier, turn that's it, yeah, hard line. 11. All right here.

We go clock. Tower, 12., 13, 14., no get him out of there. Guys, painkiller come on 16. Come on guys.

You got to get them out of their spawn. Yes. Help me out.

Oh, god. Okay, uh. This is going to be pretty tricky. Nope.

You guys didn't, push the spawn aggressively enough. Thanks for nothing teammates. They were all posted up what, huh? Interesting. King Kong.

Look at that, no stingers at all. And I probably just jinxed it. Yeah, that probably.

Wouldn't have been any better with ac 130. So, but hey, hard line and sit rep is a good pair. I still got me. He's still got me get a game-winning kill, oh how's that for a game-winning kill double 22 and five, oh ciao, ooh afghan. I like it. I like it all right?

Guys, no nuke, but we still had a good game. I reckon we'll see you in the next commentary? Folks, take it easy.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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