Kymberlie Ingalls Reading Holiday Essay

See I was just naturally standing in the bathroom with Jane and Francine, and I was saying it's going to be just like the Oscars I'm going to be in the bathroom she's going to call my name. So only I did give shiny trophy. So you lose points on that. Um, okay. So this was a holiday essay that I wrote a couple of years ago that I thought I would share with you guys like a lost little girl. It's, two-thirty, am, and I am gazing at the lights of Christmas tree reflecting on the past year.

The green the red. The blues friends lost and found changes that crept up and left me with questions asked more. So than answered it's a festive time and the joy of the season always wins in the end, but it's after the holiday parties after the fun gatherings that I find myself searching in the serenity of my tree darkness, closing in childlike twinkles in that recall darkness, oops, sorry, childlike twinkles.

Then recall the past a symbol of wishes and dreams, the loss of innocence as when Santa Claus becomes just. Another min, the Sun will dry my tears tomorrow. But tonight the moon will see them fall. My love of all things Christmas. The colors, the warmth in the crisp chill.

The songs become faint in the frosty night air. It wages, a battle within my heart gingerbread wishes. Chased by charcoal sketches on faded paper, thoughts, I, miss, my family, the loud holidays, the inviting smells that filled grandma's house the shuffling of relatives in and out the door cameras flashing to capture a memory seasons. When. Camaraderie triumph over intolerance today, I am missing my sister and discovering my brother remembering my mother and looking for my father I.

Am sad for what has been found. I was sad for what has been lost and thankful for what's been found, I have a friend that was lost. And now is found again with whom many hours have been spent recently busy hours talking quiet hours sitting this has been a gift that didn't need a pretty ribbon to be meaningful out of the blue. This came as though not a day had.

Passed from the last confession to the first candy canes are whispering in my ear, promising sweet thoughts. Yet there is a sharp bite that for warns me when the tree comes down, the lights are dark again for another year at the ornaments packed carefully away winter settles in a white blanket falls on the red and the green the silver and the gold, a white shadow. Wondering of what lies ahead. Sparkle around me like the shimmering champagne raised in a well-meaning toast, but champagne loses its flow. And by the end of the blue dawn so has the new year feelings to be drowned out by cinnamon cider and melting.

Snowflakes pictures blaze before me like stars in the night sky random scenes from a forgotten life. Faded snapshots of a wanted dream longing to fit into the memories and the need to run from them. My tired eyes are slowly closing as the luminous branches of the tree blur in a haze of midnight. Why does Christmas seem so much more magical after the night has fallen? And why is it chased. So quickly into the clouds like dash and reindeer tossing, my wishes into the air like pine cones and holly berries for the tiniest of seconds.

There is a glimmer of hope that I can skate away on the river beneath me without falling through these thin I see layers, I have faith and very few things questions. Abound, I have faith. However, that these familiar feelings will find me while I sit quietly by the chimney, waiting for a new revelation to arrive at the heart I have faith that another year. Will pass by as swiftly as the last and I have faith that change will drift in like flurries of yesterday's time to turn out the lights for another evening daylight will arrive soon. And this sleepy girl wants to fall into a bed of sugar, plum dreams, even when she is frightened defined only empty footsteps in the snow.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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