Joint Podcast: Cameras In The Court File Room With Asd-Doc

This is Susan basses. And this week, I did a podcast with ASD docs on YouTube. We talked for two hours about the incident that happened in this Santa Clara. County court file room on November, 14 2017, because I was doing some work on private judging. And I was also helping some other court users. When the police officers came into this court file room, and we're going to talk about what police misconduct costs society, not only in terms of financial damages, but in trust public trust and in emotional and. Financial costs to voters who keep these people in office and paid.

Okay, you're helping me don't report. She has every right to record right now. I want my phone to get your phone.

I want you to knock it down. Take a seat. I'll, decode, you how it's going to work. I want my phone I'm, not going to get it.

You are taking my phone. Yeah, that's, my illegal search and seizures. What does the search tell me? What a search is told me? What is holding my? This is an absolute joke. Guys is this how you press up against.

People, uh, I need your name. Please, sir you're. A witness. My name is Joshua Seymour.

Seymour do you have a case in the in here? Can you spell it for me? Please.

Thank you for uh. By the way you broke my finger. Look at my finger, I'm, not going to talk to you any further that's, fine, Joshua. Seymour.

Can you spell it? Talk to him? Joshua? Can you spell your last name? So I have our phone. We got a call from uh courthouse saying that he said in the catcher, it's, a journalistic phone I'm doing research.

In here and he has my phone. He is withholding. My phone follow us on YouTube as we talk more about police, misconduct and court corruption and how it impacts all of us.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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