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Hey, guys, it's, Ashley, Tisdale and welcome to my house. Please come in. So we moved here a little ago. We loved the house. The house is from the 30s, but we were really looking for something to renovate and be creative in. And we found it renovations took about eight months.

My dad was my contractor Mike Tisdale and yeah, I love this house. This is the living room. And as you can tell it's a pretty large space, one of the first things that we did was refinish the floors. This is apparently the last time. You can actually sand them because they're so old, and I hired interior designer, Jake Arnold to help with all the interiors, and he did such a great job at making this room feel cozy. This is kind of like where we hang when you know, we have some people over you have like a little drinking bar over there, I think it's supposed to kind of represent like a little drinking station. This is the other part of the living room.

All our rugs are actually from Lawrence of Area it's, the best place for rugs. I really wanted something that was Spanish. So usually like the key pieces in every room is actually from Restoration Hardware.

And then everything around it is pretty vintage. This is a piece, I love, and it's, actually, like someone I think out in the middle of the ocean, he's tiny. So it's just like the sky. And you don't really know what it is, and I think I, don't know, I'm pretty cool. This piece is a Shepard Fairly piece, and it's, my husband's and I almost made him good I'm. So glad he did. Because once we moved here, I was like it's perfect for this house.

This is the hallway leading into our TV room. This is the wall of my accomplishments. My husband was so nice.

So let me just put my up this wall. We have the Billboard and High School Musical stuff. And my record head strong. My first album just like pleasant to kind of give like a little thanks to. You know, my past, oh, hi babe. What are you doing this relaxing?

This is pretty much where we spend I think like 80% of the time we love. To watch TV, we love to do screening parties with our friends. This is cloud couch, it's the company's, most comfortable couch of all time. Yeah, like he just never gets up off the couch. I'm kidding. Really my corner is over there like I that's like where I always sit, but it's pleasant.

So other people could have this corner. This is the dining room, which is always my favorite because I love having family over friends getting around the table, eating some post me because I don't cook, I love this room. It's just having such a peaceful vibe and I love opening the doors, especially when it's really pleasant out, just really kind of like opens up the view. This sheepskin I got from One, Kings, Lane and I really had to convince Jake that it was a good purchase because. I think it was a little for him. He was like I, don't know about it, but like you know, just kind of like add something to it.

Then this is our art wall. This came with the house. It actually was the house when I was first done pictures from the 30s. This is actually Maui at our wedding she was really feeling herself that day. This is the master suite I'm really happy with how this came out.

I love, white linens. The nightstands are actually custom-made they're from this company, Rump in quash, and then I love these lights. They are so much fun. However, this is a third globe. I've had they break easily.

One of my favorite stores, a shop is shop, amber, interiors and I found this coffee table that I fell in love with, and it's vintage and Jake. Just. Knows how to like dress up, everything it's, just like a really nice sitting area. And in the mornings I, just like meditate and look out at the view, and it's just beautiful and come into the master bathroom. It actually was a bedroom before one of Jake Arnold's like classics is this beautiful wood, cabinetry. He did this in another house and I just fell in love with it. So my dad actually found this reclaimed wood, I believe in Idaho, and it was from a barn.

This is the Sailor window it's, actually, an. Original window it was in the master bathroom, it's, really cute I love that we kind of kept things that you know, we renew things in a way it was funny when we had the bedroom here. It was two small windows.

This is like the best view, and you see it downtown. And so we were just like there has to be a huge window there, and I'm a big bath person. So I was excited to put a bath right in front of the window. This has a very hotel vibe to me like I feel like I'm in a hotel room, and I'm like, oh, wait that's.

Our bathroom that's, crazy, all right. Thank you guys so much for coming into my home, I'm so excited, I got to finally share it with you guys, but I think it's time to go. So.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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