How To Write Why Nyu Essay (Worst Mistakes)

The one major mistake that you should never ever make when you're writing about why NYU essay is don't just tell how good the school is, they already know how good they are. Worst answer, hey, guys. So welcome to part two on how to write your why? NYU essay if you haven't seen part one, which is me reading out my why and when USA that got me accepted to annoy Abu Dhabi, go check it out so let's dive in caution, I'm, not abracadabra whatsoever. I'm just a regular student. And this is my personal opinion.

On how to write the best NYU essay, okay, first things, first, we need to understand the prompt. The NYU essay is the only supplement and say that NYU requires while other universities might ask one to write three or over five supplements essays. NYU goes straight and simple. It might seem easy and a lot less work, but that's, actually not the case because now you need to artistically cram in as much as possible of yourself. And the reason why you chose that university into just 400 words, and I'm, telling. You that's, not easy and that's.

Why NYU's why Nyasa supplement is so important it's, your only chance other than a personal essay to show NYU about yourself and your character, the one major mistake that you should never ever make when you're writing about why NYU essay is simply writing about why NYU the prompt though it is called why NYU essay is not exactly. Why did you decide? NYU? The prompt is actually this that's, a super long, prompt, and it's long for a reason it's actually asking. Several questions and it's, your job to break it down and try to answer connect all of them in your essay you need to respond to number one, why this geographical area and why this campus, NYU has campuses all around the world.

We have the main campuses, NYU, Abu Dhabi, NYU, shanghai, NYU, New York, all of these campuses are built there for specific reasons, and they have unique qualities that distinguish them from one another. So you need to answer why you decided this specific campus, focus on the cultural. Elements and how spending your four years in uni in this specific geographical, campus area will influence you as a person or how it will shape your future decisions. I attend Chennai Abu Dhabi. So if you are interested in applying to NYU Abu Dhabi, and you want to write about the specific resources that NYU Abu Dhabi provides for the reasons why you decided the NYU Abu Dhabi campus.

This is a video that you need to go to. And look at in this video. I talked about the specific resources and facilities.

That I know Abu Dhabi provides for students it's, 100 insider information. And I believe that it will help you second. You need to respond to which academic program and why or if you're undecided how you will, academically navigate yourself in the university. Don't just straight up begin enumerating the classes or names of professors in your essay start off by talking about your own academic experience, or any kind of experience beyond academics that inspired you or let you become interested in. This specific academic program that the NYU is providing after you state, your own personal reason and story of why you want to study in that academic program after that, you show how much research you did. There are several things that you can mention.

You can mention professors coursework or internship programs or extracurricular activities or academic tracks that the institution provides but go beyond the clich research, uh, Maggie. How do I go beyond the clich research? First you have to. Thoroughly read through the NYU's website. But in addition to that look up the professors in your aspiring major look them up on youtube or on Instagram look up if they have done any interviews in the past, or if they have published books or articles read their work, listen to what they have said and connect that with your interest go to the school website, don't just look at the name of classes, but also look into the details that explains what the classes do and look up the classes on YouTube or. Any kind of social media platform because some students do upload their projects on YouTube or on social platforms. These are the additional researches that you can do.

Please do your research is investment. An investment is a value that universities think highly of don't just throw in a few names and titles. You have to connect it with yourself talk about how these classes or academic resources will function as a stepping stone, or as an extension of your previous academic achievements or.

Experience what do you expect to gain from the academic experience of the school, and how will that influence your future career? These are questions that you need to brainstorm and melt into your NYU essay, three stays away from clich be personal. I know that it's really hard not to be clich, because all the applicants when they're writing why NYU essay they already know the best factors to school and most people would most likely write about the similar factors of the school that most. Interested them so what's important is your take on that. For example, if I'm applying to NYU Abu Dhabi, oh, I chose NYU Abu Dhabi because of its diversity, I love diversity, worst answer. Why do you love diversity? Why is that an significant value to you?

Why would the school's diversity be beneficial to you in any way? How does it relate to your personality or to your future? How do you plan to thrive in that diversity and make the most out of it don't just tell how good the school is, they already know how. Good they are what they want to hear, and what they want to pick out are students, the customers who can most effectively utilize the facilities that they built for them. The school basically is their product they're, looking for customers who can make the most out of their product. Also, the university is trying to paint a picture of what the student body is going to look like, therefore, if you don't get personal and talk about yourself or how you will integrate with the university, your essay just.

Won't stand out four, keep the intro and concluding. Paragraph interesting do a hook sentence. Please don't very long. It should be short and concise fascinating or witty or humorous. Anything that has a story in it.

Anything that shows your characteristic. Please don't use a mega huge quotation it's, only going to eat up your word count or talk about something other than yourself. You only have 400 words just focus on yourself. The hook sentence should be expressing you as a person or as a character. And it. Should be related to the essay as a whole. My hook was scribble.

It was my nickname as a kid, the weird girl who would stay indoors during recess to write. I applied for the creative writing major. And what I was aiming for to achieve by using that hook sentence was to help people build the image and the character of myself in their minds when they're reading my essay, so I'm, a girl with a nickname called scribble a nickname is given when someone peoples recognize this certain trait of you, my trait was. Scribbling sentences and words equals I love writing, I write everywhere.

So through this hook sentence, I wanted to show the admission officers a glimpse of what my teenage life was like. And obviously it worked. I got accepted yay. And for the conclusion, please don't be redundant be concise at best wrap the essay up clean and neat. My conclusion was at the end of the day I see myself walking out of NYU, Abu Dhabi as a mature writer with a unique taste and a global mind.

I kind of condensed the essay's. Content into one sentence and used it as a conclusion. Lastly, number five, don't, be repetitive. The why NYU essay is the only supplement essay so be cautious, not to repeat the stuff. You have already shown through your personal statement, or through the common app don't, reiterate the extracurricular activities you have already written down in your common application, write something new and something specific. So one last advice that I will be able to give you is to cut out any general sentences and. Prioritize your content use the 400 words wisely be specific, be new to be you, ooh, good rhyme.

Anyway, guys. Thank you for watching this video. I wish you all the luck for your application process, and I'll see you guys in my next video, and I'll be reading out my personal essay because a lot of you guys asked for that as well. Anyway, love, you guys and see you bye.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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