How To Mod Uniforms In Ncaa Football 14!

Yo, what's up guys, it is see, P. And today I'm going to be showing you how to mod in c, EE, 14 uniforms. This is a 5-year-old game and I wish somebody would have bent this a long time ago. So I could have done this.

Basically all you need is a computer, an Xbox 360 or actually the Xbox of 60. And then one of these it's, a USB, portable, whatever, portable, stick thing. I'll, put a link in the description. So you can buy one of these. You probably have one of these lying around, though you just don't know it they're. Like three dollars on Amazon.

So yeah, basically there's been a lot of fake mods obviously in the past with that one guy who like exposed or who lied to fled low wraps and then used him basically for subs. But this is not fake. If you guys have been watching my Duran, Duran, Duran, Duran, Duran, Duran, Duran, Bengals dynasty. Then you clearly know that we've had blue and white helmets and blue and white pants in the past.

But in this past episode against Purdue I wore all black. So obviously this is a fake. And there were the exact players and everything else. So I mean, there's, no way, this is fake because I already proved that in that video, and I'll be showing you how I made that some of you were probably wondering in the comments. So yeah, here's that video right here.

Alright. So now we're on the Xbox 360, as you can see, this is my Duran dynasty file, and we're in dynasty mode. Right now, obviously, as you can see. So what you want to do is obviously you're in your dynasty, and you have already plugged in your. Usb stick into one of the USB slots on your Xbox 360. You want to go to dynasty setup from here. You want to go down to save dynasty click, a select that it'll retrieve all your file lists.

Furthermore, you want to click X, select device go down to USB storage device, which is that you must be stick that you just plugged in. And then you want to click on this and just enter it in as whatever you can just save it as whatever it's called just 1000. So then you want to save that in there. So it says, saving dynasty test. As your 0 0 0, so that it's saving currently and it s, safe.

So you want to back out of that screen. And then you want to turn off your Xbox 360 and then unplug, your USB stick to make sure that nothing is damaged on the USB stick. And you just don't plug that and that's what you do over there.

Alright, so now that we're back onto the Peter. First, you want to insert the USB stick after you unplugged it from your Xbox 360 into one of the USB slots on your computer. So that's installed it's, not installed. It's plugged in you want to open up, mo do three or mas, do three this will be in the link in the description if you want to download that.

So you double-click on it, you let it open. It takes a little there. We go. So now that you're at Mario 3, you want to click open a save. You can also do open from a device. But for my from what I've I see from what I've seen open to save works the best.

So you click this, then you go down to the USB stick, which is right here. USB, Drive, F. You click on this and there's. Gonna be one folder called content you double-click on that there's going to be two folders after that it's going to be a bunch of zeros. And then just a bunch of random numbers. You don't want to click on the zeros. You want to click on the random numbers. So we'll double-click this.

They just keep looking the folders until you get to all of your files in the stick. So I go down to test 0 0 0 0 0, which is what we saved on to the USB stick. You click on it. You press open.

And then it takes you to this. This is. Basically the file from this is the dynasty file right here, you click on file contents. And then you want to select this right, click it and then extract file then you can just basically save it to your desktop as test as your 0 it'll, make a little popping noise when it's done. And it is right here saved so minimize all those windows and let's open up the EA DB editor, which will also be linked in the description.

Alright? So I already have the EA DB editor. Right here. It's a diagram. It pinned in my.

Taskbar because I've been using it so much it's, basically, just in that folder, it's the one that says, EA, DB editor, it's, pretty self-explanatory it's, a little logo, right there. So you click on this, you press file load configuration. And then in that same folder, II of all these different things there's table, dump pocket Scout, recruiting schedule, An's dynasty configuration. And then roster configuration. We want to click on dynasty configuration because obviously we're going to be configuration a dynasty. Now.

This will take a little right here this process. So just hang with me. Alright.

So now that's, loaded in we want to go back to file open go to the desktop, and then you'll find your little file, which is tested 0 0 zero-zero. So we open the test on here. And this part will take about fifteen to thirty seconds of it just opening it on the tables.

So I'll be right back. Alright, so once you have this open, you can basically make it full screen like I, have you want to go to team data and then uniforms now. That your uniforms, the top two number one and two will be the only ones that it actually reads. So these are basically just the home one away uniforms that Durant has. And what you want to do is you want to save these to how you save them as you go Io export single. And then you, it says, pick a field that uses the key for this export. You want to scroll down to uniform ID.

Then from here, you want to click on the X, and you want to save it on here. I'll just save it as one two three. So now one two. Three is saved, then you want to save number two as well. So you go to I/o export.

Single scroll down go to uniform, ID click, the X. And then you can just do one two, three, four, I, guess? And that is saved. So your how many away uniforms are saved. Now we want to go to the official team builder, website that EA has. And basically what you want to do for this is you just want to create the new uniform that your team will be wearing it doesn't matter what it doesn't matter anything on the file all that. Matters is the actual uniforms, a quick disclaimer if you're using different logos, you can only use the main and secondary logo of your team boat or team.

So you can't use like different logos like an American flag logo, for example and have that on your uniform. Because if you have your secondary logo, which is an American flag within your secondary logo. And the dynasty isn't, an American flag. Then it'll just be the secondary logo. That may be a little confusing, but basically don't use anything.

That's other than your main and secondary logos. So you're in the create school section and basic I'm, just going to title this one, two, three, four bangles, brand, DC and logos. This is the most important part primary logo. I'm going to make it Duran's primary logo. Just the tiger then secondary logo. I'm going to do just the Paul. These need to be the same that we're in your dynasty.

Originally, you can have different primary and secondary logos or everything will get messed up I found this out along the way. And it. Was a very knowing thing, but it's, just something that you have to deal with then I'll do a look of colors. And there we go said, gran has all their logos now I'm gonna just to design actually I'll just keep these I'll make these purple just.

So you know that it's the real thing I'll use LSU's color, because these are a little similar looking to the just regular informs all right. So now I have these disgusting all purple uniforms, I mean, I'm not trying to make these like actually in the game, but. These are just, for example, and we will save this school, and we will download it back on the Xbox. Ok. So now that we're on the team builder, tab of the n-c-double-a game.

We will go to searching results, and we'll try to find the new uniforms and boom, there. There are one two three, four bangles, we'll, just make sure them by preview uniform. And as you can see, these are the same ugly, hideous uniforms that we made before, but they're, not supposed to look good that's, just the point. So now we will save this. School and we will download it all right now, we're going to create a new dynasty using this school that we just created, this will just be a random dynasty. So you just want to do import team builder, import the team builder that we just made one two, three, four bangles, just replace any school and load it loads.

It load it. Yes, we are done. And then we want to begin the dynasty and basically just take over the school that we just created all right. So we go over, and we select the head coaching job. At one two, three, four bangles, and we sign the contract.

Now, what you want to do is make sure that your USB stick is back in your xbox360, and you're going to do the exact same thing. So we're going to do save dynasty, select device click, the USB storage device and I guess we'll just title this new uniforms. So title it. You need and make sure it is saved. Then you want to turn off your xbox360 once it's saved and unplug, your USB stick, and we'll go back to the computer all right, so we're back under the.

Computer and now you want to load up Mozio again, so we load up Mozio, and we did the exact same thing that we did before we click on open from a save. We go down to the USB stick content. The one with numbers and letters.

And eventually, you find all the stuff you got a new uniform, open file, contents, right, click. It extracts file you want to save it to your desktop, save it, I save if you want to minimize these windows. And then you want to open up a new e, ADB editor. So you right-click, this EA, DB editor, File load configuration An's dynasty configuration. And then once that's loaded, you want to go to file open.

And then you want to open up new a uni or whatever the new one is called the just new uniforms. This may take a little to open, and this has loaded. So as you can see, this is our team, one, two, three, four, you want to go to team data uniforms. And then from here, you want to save these by doing that before you click, Io export, single scroll down to uniform, ID click, the red X. And then you. Can just title is knew, you need one.

And then you also you don't, obviously want to save the second one. So you do I. Am export single scroll down to uniform ID and let's go down to uniform ID. And then you want to right-click the red X.

And then you want to do new, you need to you can minimize this window for now. And then you want to go back to the test one or I, guess, the original dynasty that you're going to be saving we're going to be using. So you have you want to go to the first and second make sure has.

One and two for number one, you want to click I, Oh, import overwrite selected minus key. This is the most important part all right? You want to click it. You want to go Io import overwrite selected minus key. This is one significant parts of the whole thing you click that then you want to find new unis one or whatever you called the new uniforms of the team boater team that you just made you click that. And this should take a little and or basically rewrite that, so it's the new uniforms.

Now it will. Go to the bottom for whatever reason you want to go to number two, make sure this right here is a two. So you click on this eye, o, import overwrite selected minus key.

And then you find new unis to you click on this open, and it should overwrite that as well. And now you are done with this. You want to click file and then just save it and done. So you minimize that window. Now, since you remove the USB stick test zero, zero zeros, motion things should not still be open.

So you want to go open for, save us. You. Want to go to the USB Drive content. E, there at the moment, flutters and numbers. And then you want to go to test zero zero zero zero because that's, the real dynasty that you were using come in.

Oh, my is this. You can go file, contents, right, click, it replaces file. Then you want to go to test zero.

Zero. Zero because, that's. The one you saved it on and that's, the real one such as zero.

Zero thrift here, dynasty test open it. And this part should take a little listen for that little a little click noise. When it is done, so you're, the little click noise, it is officially done. You want to close out of this basically can close out of everything right now. Then you want to click this little up arrow. This is how you successfully remove or safely remove the little USB stick.

You right-click it and press eject. Now you can safely eject it from the computer. Now you want to plug it back into your Xbox 360.

And then you want to press Start. And then you want to scroll down and select the USB storage device that. Will wait for it to load, and then we'll go to the dynasty all right? So now we load up all the dynasty files, and it should be the last one at the very end, or at least it is for me, and it should be right here.

And it should when you load this, it says, loading dynasty test. So this is the right one, 10000 and there. Now, this is actual Durand dynasty. We click a, and we do uniform options, and it should be the purple ugly uniforms that we created on the team voter website, is it? Yes, it is I just showed you.

How to successfully mod uniforms on NCAA 14 now you can basically just use whatever uniforms you want is it the ugly purple uniforms you made before if you remember I didn't, even make alternates and yeah, so I just showed you how to make uniforms n-c-double-a 14. You can keep repeating this process in making new uniforms, or like I said before you save the original uniforms on your thing, and you can just replace them. So yeah, this is really cool. If you guys have any questions, I know, this is very. Complicated and new, please, leave them in the description below in the description, there also be the Mozio file where you can download that there's, the EA DB editor that you can download, and then I'll also leave a link to a USB stick. If you don't have one, do you guys enjoy, please slap a giant like on it and subscribe I hope, you guys enjoyed this, and I hope. This helps you in the future.

Peace out.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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