How To Compress A Gb File Into Mb!!

Ah, no, wait ow, screaming, our son and will be our, hey, guys. Welcome back to amazing Amaya. And today, I'm going to show you how to compare a GB file into MB file. So it did not mean that any GB file means like, oh, you told me to compress UTA file, which is 64 GB. It will not happen because it's not possible. So this video only works for between 1 GB to 40 GB. So I hope, that's enough.

Ok. So for this, you will need one application named 7-zip. And if you have it your rock, so your you can download it for. Windows if you have windows 32-bit, you can download it by selecting this year. And if you have 64-bit Windows PC you, you can download it by selecting here.

So now let's start the main thing for now, finally, a folder file, which you have to compress, so I have to compress these files. So let's, check, how many GB they are. So if you want to check it, just select all the files, you want to compress and now select a right-click and then select properties. So when you select properties here, you can see one. Point 12 GB, or this file contains this Dismay GB. So to compress this files, what we have to do is now it cancel this and a right-click on it and then select 7-zip. And then on the right side here, you can see add to archive select that.

And when you when we select that, you will get this whole pop-up. So what we have to do is select this compression level to ultra, or you thought we'd be more Mile. So you have to just select Ultra. And then now select ok. So when we select this, or you will get the GB. File, and it may take between 10 and 15 minutes to install this means sorry to compress this, and I will make you when this is completed.

And this works guarantee if somebody's selling it doesn't work, then I don't, I, don't know what you should. Okay. So yeah, so guys, one more thing I forgot to tell you was this compressions means like compression speed, or which is now installing means like completing or depends upon your computer processor. So if your computer processor means like very good so this or. Installation type of thing will complete faster. Then it is.

Now installing means I have not or means. My computer does not have a good curl means like processor, that's, why it's so loading really slowly. So this loading depends upon your computer processor. So guys here you can see the zip file and I will now extract it to show you guys that it's not corrupted. And now to extract this file, what you have to do sorry, extract the zip file what you have to do is right-click and select extract to this.YouTube stuff so now it will extract.

And this also depends upon your computer processors, a processor. So I will admit I will meet you when this is completed. So why as you can see that the zip file has been extracted properly and let's open this file, dad to see that it's really extracted properly?

Ok? So your they are the file has been extracted and let's open one file to check that the all things are properly extracted or not, so she'll, just select the cow photo. And here you can see all the photos. Are there and yeah, guys, this is going to be a short video because it meant to be a short video and yeah, guys.

Thanks for watching, and I love to do such kudos for you guys, because it helps you as well as me to share what talent I have and Mia, and thanks for watching, and I will see you later you.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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