How To Apply The Care Cover Concrete, Marble & Granite Protector

Hi I'm, dean from ca recover, and we're back with another product demonstration. This time it's the concrete marble and granite protection shield. And this product is ideal for all your stone surfaces for protecting against any type of stuff. So to use the product, the very complex step of turning it from off to spray and then spraying an even amount over the surface that really is if it's that simple and just using the microfiber cloth to wipe the surface evenly, and then allowing this thing to dry.

Like this and then make sure that's wiped on evenly, you don't get a build up anywhere. So what you're doing really is just coating the surface in the protective liquid and allowing that to dry, and that can take a few hours. It just depends on how warm or cold. The climate is no temperate climates.

Anything sort of 20 to 30 degree day that will take a couple of hours to dry. We recommend allowing that to dry overnight that way, the bench doesn't need to be used when you come back in the morning. You'll be ready to go now, if you do come back, and you find that there's any streaking or any lines from where you've wiped all, you need to do is again, apply another coat spray a little on the cloth, and then just go back in the other direction and wipe again and allow that to dry and that's it. So what that product will do now is that will form an invisible barrier, not affecting the look feel or finish of the surface, and it will prevent liquid stains from penetrating into the stone surface. So.

If there are spills might be red wine, it could be food drinks oils anything from cooking. It gives you time to wipe them and clean them off before they penetrate in and leave a stain.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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