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Right before we get into this just a little word about the title you read when you saw this, this is a Hitachi or hi cookie or Metal, HIT, Hitachi power tools, brad nailed, depending on what part of the world you're in. And when you buy it, the name of time she's been around for a long time, and they've been owned by a company called Hitachi coup. And now they've put those two words together, and it's become hi coke in this part of the world.

This is now a high coup and in northern America, its. Metabo HPT or Hitachi power tools, well, hi Loki power tools. Now, I guess it's all very confusing. They seem to be having a bit of a crisis of identity at the moment and yeah, I don't know why they couldn't just leave it all Hitachi. But anyway, so they released this as Hitachi now they're, getting rid of all the Hitachi branded ones cheap. And then replacing it with high coup in this part of the world. Anyway, let's have a look at it.

So this is the Hitachi 18 gauge cordless, guest list, brad nailed I'll, put. The model numbers, they're different for different parts of the world down in the description, rather than rattle them all off here because they're quite long, it can run on Hitachi slide batteries that are 18 volts. But also these multi volt heating, volt and 36. Volt batteries, it's, not going to run at 36 volts. It still runs at eating volt. The battery decides it knows what the tool wants. And so it.

This is a five M power, eating volt battery or on a 36 volt told it to be a two-and-a-half amp hour. Battery so that's, quite cool gives you a few more options for buying tools, not having to buy another battery platform. You can buy this in a kit, or as a BS at all I purchased this as a beer tool, because they'd already bought the framing nailed that had the batteries and the charger. So I didn't need that although I wouldn't have liked a case, but trying to get a case out of high coup Hitachi, whatever they want to call themselves. New Zealand has been a pain in the bum. They ignored my emails.

Everyone else I went to said, I had to buy the kit to get the case but disappointed this any who let's. Look at the features of this thing has a magazine that holds about 110 nails, believe it we'll find out nails from 16 millimeters up to 50 millimeters 18 gauge, which is 1.25 by 1 millimeter. They look like this 16 20, 25 30 to 50 it's, just some sizes of now as you can file with this it's, a brushless tool, and it can fire a ton of those nails on this battery, I, don't know, how many, but plenty.

Else I'd hook here, which comes with the tool, which can easily be changed to the other side, no tip, which can be taken off and stored on the back here, although they do give you a spare one, which is already on there, very handy, good rubber bumpers on the side here, because you have to put it down like that. It won't stand up on the sand. Doesn't stand up like that too well, and it's totally unbalanced for standing on the front, which is how I would normally stand a framing nailed. If she jams up, you've. Got at all this way of getting it open to get out you're stuck, a nail I haven't had that issue yet probably fired I, don't know, quite a lot I've been using this for quite some time. Now, the wife has been using it a lot. This was sort of her at all.

She wanted a little nailed and the Akita ones just weren't good enough. So I got this scene as I'd purchased the framing nailed and had the batteries and everything and got it at a perfect price to half the price of a Akita one. So sorry for all the.

Makita lovers out there, not this video has a positive lock on the handle here. So that's, a trigger lock just slides a bit of plastic and behind the trigger they're, not the easiest thing in the world to film so there's, your power button on and off battery indicator. And over on this side, we have the sequential button. So at the moment when the blue light is solid, it's, just one fire.

We push it again. It flashes which is bump fire. It has a light which isn't a huge. You sort of just shines down one side. As you can see the light shines here, when really you want the light shining over here, so it sort of misses your whole target area, but to be honest, I'm, not usually using a brad nailed in the dark. So not really a big issue.

Never had a light on a nail gun before and done fine. But everything's going to have a light these days, it's, fine, some nails. It is substantially larger and heavier than its corded pneumatic brother. So this is the same version of that tool.

But you'd run this off an air compressor. So this one will do exactly the same range of nails. But as you can see, it is substantially smaller. So if size is an issue, then you might want to stick with one of these what this loses in the size and the weight vector, it makes up in portability and ease of use. This has to be connected to a big long hose and an end compressor. This I can use anywhere I want I can carry it up onto a roof.

Don't have to worry about anything it's, quick and easy. We just want to fire a few nails doing whatever anyway, Don't have to worry about gas. You don't have to worry about cords power and nothing just bang away. You go check the battery on, and you're you're away, laughing don't, have any of that gas smell that you get with gas neighbors, don't know that annoying?

Why isn't it firing problem trying to work out whether it's the gas or the battery it's just bang, go. It stops firing. You know, it's the battery change, the battery where you're going I, prefer battery tools over gas and pneumatic tools.

Any day of the week. Even though it is substantially heavier and substantially bigger, we will compare these two tools against each other in the next video. So we've made a lot of small things with this nailed, such as this charger station, my wife makes lots of little things like this. And these nice boxes' planter box.

It's also great when you want to just quickly clamp something you can just fire a nail. And instead of having a Grover clamp, or when you're waiting for glue to set up just tack things in place, great for. That sort of thing Brad jailers, very handy, addition to the workshop right? So this is the ultimate test 50ml, Brad's, sinner, that's, Fault, depth, we're firing into hardwood fight X because 96 millimeters here. So not a problem that way we'll put the gun on full sequential mode, perfect buried deep happy with that. Now I don't know how long that was, but it was 28 nails. And a few seconds I'm happy with that I'm never gonna need to fire them any faster than that and anything harder than that.

Maybe. Something slightly harder, but unlikely to be full on dips wise. So overall I find this thing really handy, there are a few things I don't like about it. One is just the placement of these buttons it's sort of bit hard to see when it's on and what you know, the lights, and they're, not very big it's, a small, small complaint. The early complaint there light like I told you before done shot in a very good place. But the most annoying thing is the depth, setting mechanism here, it's its, not that easy to turn. And you can't quite tell whether it's moving or not half the time, but the most annoying thing is you don't know which way to turn it there's, no arrows or anything on here, like there is all most of this sort of tools.

So you know which way you're going until you see this moving upward and down, which can sometimes be too late. Because if it's always already fall down when you start turning it, this whole thing can just pop out. So they could have put a bit more care into this mechanism. It's, a.Little flimsy feeling and yeah that the dial and the springs and everything here just - it's a little iffy, but overall I, really like it and I want to be going back to a corded if you want to call it that hosed one or a gas one. So thanks for watching in the next video we'll, take a look at this see how it goes up against the cordless one hose versus no hose, no gas that sort of thing. And of course, we've still got the framing nailed to come. So you haven't already it's going to say smash.

You know, smash there it's, a nice - subscribe button don't, smash, the subscribe button, just click on it or push it with your finger. You don't want to be breaking your screen or anything smash can't smash the like, but yes, sorry, can I have a rant here.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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