Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age How To Kill The Five Judges (Trial Mode Stage 100) Full Strategy!

Hello guys, France manga here. And this is it trial mode. Stage 100 has fallen upon us.

And today we are going to be taking out the five judges at least that's. The plan lets's see how things go if you enjoy watching, please don't, forget to support me by hitting the like button and being subscribed to the first finger gaming, YouTube channel. Well, here we go there, so we're coming in from the battle with amigo, hopefully you're in decent enough shape for this. Do you just want to make sure you not in reverse?

Mode, which is why I use the strategy that I showed you on that last battle? Okay, also, don't bother, stealing from these guys, they're torn sales and games. Your gloves that they hold are just there to tease you really because there's nobody to save after this fight.

She can't bring them back into the main game. Okay. So what we're going to do here is Panel lo is going to be basically casting sleep throughout this fight at least about the majority of it. So what I'm going to do she's?

Not actually going to be. Casting sleep with magic, though, because that generally misses far too much I'm going to give her the knee-high plea item. And then just cast Prince's kiss on to the judges in particular onto Zara bath to start with. And ash is going to have the following gambits she's going to have a damaged gambit. And my main source of damage we're going to be using dark energy. So check out my video on how to farm dark energy, if that's going to help you, hopefully will, and we're also going to set her - no we'll leave.

Her at that for now, but then the same for both there we're going to set him as well to cast dark energy, the priority on this fight is to take care of geese. So if we just put dark energy here, make sure you have it set to lowest rather than high. So that geese will be defeated. First low is max HP that's 101, I, just checked that put out a definitely like the NIO Calais.

Oh, yes. She did, and we'll see how painful this is so Powell is going to start by just throwing a Prince's kiss on to Zara bath. Now, the. Other thing to note is that they like to buff so be ready. We've deep spell such as this case here, you want to get rid of their buffs as soon as possible, or you're, just going to end up getting really messed up what thankfully and obviously Cure's is where they are going to be a big have a big part to play in this. So again, we'll try and get sleep.

Obviously, keep people alive when you can prove we got in terms of the judges left now so gee he's dead. We've got Berger who's, probably the next to go here. If we can get him killed, so I'm going to do is just someone so does you ask at this point, hopefully we'll be able to stay alive as we do. So, and we need to get final eclipses up, we can then phone a lick see it on to Panel lo, hopefully she'll still be alive and get another one off as well, make sure we use the zodiacs attack here.

I kind of select is, oh dear I. Can now just have to come into the fight properly. So final eclipse need to try and catch them all really, oh then come up. Let us say alive. Stay. Alive stay alive. She said, alive, yes, she is wonderful.

So you can just keep using dark energies. If you don't have zodiac, or if you don't have Dark Ages and keep using zodiac, but a mix of the two generally works out. Well, I find.

Obviously we have to go through the casting animation here. And you can cast wither as well on the grant, which I'm probably going to set up in a moment because he's damaged he's, otherwise extruded. This piece of more damage hits like a truck. But because of his high level, it can be. Hard to actually be successful with it with the priorities definitely deal with the geese right, then so let's just check without fear here, and we're going to get wither active.

And yet weather is fine on highs, max HP, and now we're going to use ash here, not ash Daniella here, even to try and see if we can kill another one of these guys. So go ahead with dark energy. So got six left. Okay, initials five anyone died.

New. The good news is it's, got a low caste time right? Epoch killed another one, yes, we have. To got Bur gin Grace and saga. Bass also what's-his-face is dead. Now.

Well, that's handy. Okay, at this point, I think I make elixir would be useful. If we couldn't do it in time, it's possible. It won't, though let's see how this kill Ajay works first. So we got cured.

Yalta. So we're going to do dark energy, answered, Begin and panel really needs to stick to casting sleep. Now, which is Prince's kiss.

Fantastic I'm, sorry, Akbar, whatever their cars and Amy's, because he likes to Alexia people up and stuff as you. Can see which is really annoying and oh, dear bath is withering. The one we don't want him to wither let's, try and lowest HP for now I mean, it doesn't really matter, but that guy's going to sleep. So it would be pretty pointless in all honesty. Okay. So the next ones down now wonderful.

And if we can cast an elixir or a mega elixir here, let's try and make a lick see a pond healed again, you can go for items as often as you need to try and keep their fear alive. Please, right? Okay, Meg. Elixir. Doesn't.

Actually affect your miss charges, which is a bit annoying. We can't use Daniella to do. We make a lecture because of her knee House valve, but we can use her to get that fell asleep again, looks like it's woken up, Vince's kiss. Oops - gone back to sleep. Please, okay. Ash if you could just throw an elixir onto Pennell.

So the last two could still be tricky. Don't, take them for granted. By any stretch of the imagination, just make sure that that Vince is kisses staying active. I still got sleep. Otters. Nope.

I'm doing it again, just yet, but he might not have it on after that attack. Oh, no, because it wasn't a physical attack. That's, Boeing cakes up with those mixed charges let's. Go ahead and some inside the earth once more try and get another batch of damage down here. So these Dark Ages are very, very important as you can see, and I spawned an eclipse up as we can. We don't want.

This guy waking up casting more Alexis, though so we need to hurry up there. We go I'm doing this without any sight and rats by. The way you don't need sites and Grate, although they obviously are helpful to finish off of stragglers, hopefully there's, not much left of this fight. If you can get the first few off and killed fairly quickly that it does become manageable not easy. But manageable an Anglo per layer is obviously very powerful as well in this battle. So after this I'm going to get Panel lo I say, hose allied first Harry's, a Gabbana's, we can keep him asleep with princes kiss since she's, just woken up, but he's asleep again, Now, yeah, he's down he's down. We've done it brilliant our there's, a gold trophy as well Imperator.

And there we have it guys. Try mode has been defeated wonderful. So a mix of dark energies. And so dark is pretty much all you need and dark energies, isn't, really cheating it, because you can't just use zodiac over and over anyway, it's just a lot longer because of the cast time, I mean, it's easier with dark energies, because you can have multiple characters using it.

But once you get the first few judges. Down as I say, it does become more manageable. So we completed trial mode, fantastic stuff, and we have access to new game - as well, but we can only access it from this point. So I will actually need to go ahead and select it, but will you leave that for another video? So thanks for stopping by today, guys I hope, you enjoyed watching this little episode. And if you did don't, forget to leave a like come back soon for more ff12, Jade.


Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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