Echo Cs 2511T Top Handle Chainsaw | X Series Arborist Review

Hello friends and welcome to another great review on this video. We have the famous echo CS, 25 11. T, t, means stop handle. One of the lightest chainsaws we've ever tried a known coming around three, eighty-nine. Ninety-nine to three ninety, nine. Ninety, nine. The price difference in the store depends, whether you have a fourteen-inch bar or a twelve-inch bar.

This right here we got on ours and say, fourteen inch bar. You could put a twelve-inch bar, but fourteen inches that request. They are saying it's, the. Biggest bar you could put on now, most importantly, if you're watching this video, and you are a homeowner they're saying, echo is saying they even put a sticker.

Not sure if you guys can read it for use by a tree service, professional only so they're saying, this little guy, right here, they're, suggesting that only a true professional uses this saw, they don't request. I. Guess they don't. Obviously, if you're a homeowner, you could purchase one, but they're saying echoes are saying that this is strictly.

For professional, it suggests only a professional tree service company uses this kind of soft weights about five point two pounds. We top the bar that I'm telling you guys, this is the lightest chainsaw. We have ever use. Okay, very, very powerful for each size. So don't, let the size deceive.

You's got a 25, cc two-stroke motor in it oil capacity, forty-four point seven ounces, and they feel it's about six point, four ounces. One thing I like about this one compared to other eco models like the 355 T, which. Is another Nola professional climbing saw is the cap sizes then much larger. Let me open them here way. Larger opening the old saws.

It was narrower. It was really difficult sometimes to pour oil gas without spilling it all over the saw on the ground, not I mean, if I get this cap right here, I'm going to show you guys a little trick that a lot of guys don't know about they saw. You see this handle here. The pull-string handle it's got little ears and little things like that.

What that is you pull it and. What you do is you won't walk your fuel, oil cap with it is right there like that you put her in the center. And then you twist, boom, it's that simple guys. So you just pull a string a little put it in the center. You'll see it's got this little like ear, things pockets.

There, put them like that you twist, boom, that's, if they get too tight. And you can't do by hand. This is your tool.

You don't need any other special tool. So I think that was pretty cool from echo to come out with that idea. Never seen in. Any other saw at least that we know of another thing I like about this little guy, it's, the Prime bulb it's, just a basic motor on carburetor.

Nothing fancy like the 201 TC. You might see in the corner of this video right? There, that's a different beast. I love, the basics of it I love that it's light. And as far as work I would suggest this saw will be perfect for like pruning jobs, I know, some guys have modified the muffler and one not. And you know, it gives a bigger, kick I'm, telling you this it's still. Very powerful salt, but I wouldn't block, big pieces of a tree with this.

Oh, you could use it for big branches. But mostly as light as it is and as strong as it is our user for pruning, you know, small to large branches, or if you're gonna op the pine tree. This is perfect to limit if it has a lot of limbs to limb everything. And then start with the bigger saw just because it's so light it'll be so nice on your hip as you're climbing up a tree again, the being so is in light it's, very easy to use one-. Handed you have to be very careful, especially for your homeowner again. Do not let this side deceive? You don't think, oh it's like a little toy.

It feels like a little toy, but trust me guys. It is not a little toy this far. These chances are very powerful.

I mean, if I were to compare this to the 355 T, which you see somewhere in the screen here, I'm going to put a link, um, I mean, it's its, very close. The 355 to verbal is more powerful than this one. But this is very powerful for the size, I mean, I'm completely.

Amazed so you can see I mean, it's all filthy because we work the heck out of it. You know, daily it's got the tensioner for the chain on the side, which is another thing I like I don't like the stuff in the front like some of my Husqvarna change does have, so I can say that's, the primer it's. Your choke here, setting push back is to turn off, push forwards to start at the saw.

You know, your brake bar, it's, pretty basic I, like the shape of the handle it's, very nice to grab and like I said, so like guys. Like very very very light. So overall we're, very impressed with you saw, especially for the price it's, not bad at all. Now let me bring you a comparison to change the outside topping. A lot of guys see that that's, how small this thing is like I'm picking out one hand compared to a regular full-size climbing salt. If you want to check out my review on this, all I put a link in the description below, if you guys want to watch that video, my review about this great salt or 1tc, steels, definitely a very.

Commercial choice, one of the largest all steel mix for climbing. Alright, guys. Let me go ahead and give it a start choke is down. Now let's go make sure this is forward now damn that's.

The stop for is to start comes with one year, commercial warranty, that's, a good, decides that I believe that you're, not going to break it within a year if you're doing commercial work like we do every day it counts with that five year, consumer warranty. So if you're a homeowner, you get five years out of this, but that's it. Guys that's all I have to say about this chainsaw I might make another review as far as cleaning and taking the bar off and stuff, but it's pretty basic compared to my other reviews when it comes to cleaning a chainsaw other than that. I hope you enjoyed the video. Thanks again, for tuning in for one of my reviews, make sure, hey, make sure if you're a new subscriber hit the comment section, and I'm put hashtag new I want to say, hi to you.

And then if you haven't subscribed, please do so go ahead and. Subscribe I love all the comments, I love, you guys. Thank of you all the subscriber. Thank you for the regulars that come on here. And watch my videos, I really, really appreciate it and that's. It I.

Hope you guys are having an amazing day and I catch you guys in the next video.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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