Ak-47 Vs Sks - Battle Of The 7.62X39'S (Good Buyers Guide)

Welcome to King arms in this video, we will be giving you a comparison of the SKS to the AK-47. The SKS measures in at forty point, five inches and weighs eight pounds. It shoots the 7.62 by 39 round, and it has no pistol grip compared to the AK-47. It is a semi-auto assault rifle. And it has no select-fire.

It is piston blow back. The AK-47 measures in at thirty-four point three inches with the stock out and weighs 11 pounds with the mag in it. It shoots the 7.62 by 39 round and does have a pistol grip. The AK-47 does feature, a select fire and is operated by piston blow back, both the SKS and the K originated in Russia. Yeah. This is the final impressions. We had on the aka in the SKS.

Okay. So which one felt better when you were holding it. Yeah, you can yeah. I do I thought, I felt that the K was better because it had the pistol grip on it.

And that was a good addition I. Think the SKS it had a good. It feels like you're holding a sturdy buy like that pistol grip there. Okay.

So which one had the better. Or the worst recoil, which record more van, I think the SKS did go. But when on this no I think the K did when it had when it didn't have the stock on it. Yeah.

We'd had the stock off. It was kind of hard to control like really up and down. But with the stock on, yeah, the K had more controllable recoil than the SKS. Okay, which one would you feel was more accurate. The SKS, yeah, Oh. What edition none I don't think it's on all phases.

It has the little white dots for indicators. In this case, doesn't have. That but it's, pretty standard, and I'm one. Next thing to note, the the SKS does have a four inch longer barrel and longer Barrow translates into longer accuracy or better accuracy. And so that's pretty much our final impressions, which one now he did have the Yugoslavian any case.

So you can give that its official name on the Yugoslavian and a one, yeah, that's, the original name of it - thanks for watching.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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