1983 Bronze Penny – Newest Discovery!

We are super excited to share with you that another 1983, penny struck on a bronze Blanchet was just discovered, and we'll talk about it right after this, hey, YouTubers, this is j and b and welcome to our JB coins. Family we're, all about coins and currency. We have new videos every day and are here to help you either start your new collection expand an existing one or maybe find that one valuable coin that can change your life. So what exciting news? Another 1983, penny struck on a wrong. Blanchet also.

Called a transitional error was recently discovered by a collector and hoarder Ernie lesser of Oregon who hoards pre-1982 and 1982, copper sense for their melt value. Now just so you know, you can't melt pennies yet, but if they get discontinued in the future that would be a different story since the copper value in a penny costs way more than one cent. Many people do hoard, copper pennies and put them aside in any regards. Mr lesser found this penny sent it out to be verified as legit. And it came. Back as legit coin. It took almost 10 years since the last 1983 bronze penny was discovered as a reminder penny struck from 1963 through about mid-1982 are of a solid brass composition made up of 95 percent copper and 5, zinc, they're, typically referred to as bronze pennies, and they should weigh 3.11 grams.

Pennies. Minted after year. 1982 are struck in zinc composition and should weigh 2.50. The zinc penny will also have a different color. But truly the weight is what you should pay attention to if.

You're looking for them, you're going gonna need to weigh your coins. This discovery is the third one in history. The previous coins sold for eighteen thousand eight hundred dollars and seventeen thousand six hundred twenty-five dollars. So definitely this coin is very valuable. And in our opinion overlooked, there must be more somewhere people just aren't looking for them. And we have a question for you are you looking for them? Please, let us know in the comments section below we read all of your.

Comments, also, please watch our video about the 1962 pennies. It is linked at the end of this video. You might be nicely surprised how valuable they are.

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Dated : 21-Mar-2022

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